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About MCS Scouting
Am I being recruited? It is the question that most every high school athlete and their family has to ask themselves. If you've received mail from a college coach, and that school’s athletic department you know you have at least been identified. It is not the same as being evaluated and recruited.  You may have simply made a list, a list that could include thousands of other athletes.  A list that could have also ranked you based on a 3rd party evaluation that defined your level of play before a college coach even looks at your film.

This is where the process can get confusing. Getting mail, or emails, may not mean that a college coach wants you. Getting Twitter follows or adding a college coach on Facebook does not mean that they want you.  In reality the greatest indicator of where you stand with a college coach is very simple. Do you have a scholarship offer? Former University of Minnesota Head Football Coach Glen Mason made it clear to a group of about 100 high school prospects at a Junior Day when he said, "If I haven't offered you, I'm not recruiting you."

Based on Coach Mason's comment it should be clear to many of you that you are not being recruited.  Have you been evaluated, rated and considered for a scholarship?  The key is to determine if you have been evaluated. Can you confirm that a college coach has either seen film of you playing your sport, or has been to a game/competition that you were playing in? Has your high school coach been contacted by a college coach?  Has a college coach asked for your transcripts?  Have they they used an academic or athletic evaluation day on you?  Evaluation is the key step in the path to an athletic scholarship.

No athletic, academic or character evaluation then no offer!  So here is the rub. The coaches can't evaluate you if they don’t know who you are. So this brings us to the start of the process or path to true recruitment. There is a hierarchy of activity from college coaches that can help determine where you stand on a colleges recruiting board.  This is true for all sports!  Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Wrestling, Soccer, Track & Field, etc.

Through the "Recruiting Assistant" software MCS student-athletes and their families are proactive in the recruiting process. A personal web page and proprietary college coach database allows MCS athletes the ability to achieve amazing results in a short period of time. Marketing creates player identification and, more importantly, evaluation!

Since 2005 Midwest Collegiate Scouting has been dedicated to assisting qualified student-athletes as they reach for their athletic goals and aspirations.  

• Generate legitimate “recruiting” for your child and not just “interest” or general mail
• Show your child the importance of academic success in the recruiting process
• Aid you in correctly “marketing” your child to the “right” college programs
• Help you leverage your child’s camp/combine, club/travel sport and high school experiences

​Midwest Collegiate Scouting believes that choosing a college/university is not about the next 4 or 5 years of their life.  We believe it is about the next 40-50 years of their lives.  Some think the recruiting process can be simple.  Just attend a college camp, a football combine, play traveling athletics, relying solely on your high school or self promotion to find the right school. At the end of the day the chase for an athletic scholarship often fails.  Athletics should be a vehicle for you to obtain your degree.  The goal is to find the right college or university, with the right degree, the right social setting and the right coach at the right price!

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