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MCS Scouting Partners

In 2008 MIT started with a vision to fill a cap in the need of speed and track training.   Today MIT is a leading speed and agility training destination for athletes from 8 to 18 years old for all sports and the got to Track & Field training organization. Our well tested performance training has developed a creativity and knowledge of kinesiology principles, sport-specific requirements and speed disciplines.  
Our priority is to increase performance, correct physical and mechanical deficiencies and reduce injuries.  Our goal is to enhance your athletic performance, provide a competitive edge and increase college scholarship opportunities.

3333 North 4th Street  
Suite #27
Minneapolis, MN.  55412
Office: 763.227.0783
Web Page: maximumimpacttraining.co/About
Maximum Impact Training
Synergy Sports Performance

Synergy Sport Performance  owner Scotty Smith and his staff provide the best available sport-specific performance training. Synergy is continuously developing and refining the most current training techniques, enabling athletes to increase their overall speed, strength, explosiveness, agility and sport-specific ability.  Our athletes compete in a wide variety of sports and are of diverse age ranges and skill levels. Therefore, Synergy designed its training programs to be diverse to meet the needs of each athlete. For example, our programs incorporate performance training and sport-specific training. Performance training is designed solely to make the athlete faster, stronger, more agile and explosive. Sport-specific training is designed to target athletic ability in the sport in which the athlete competes. Synergy has a customized training program for every sport, every position, and every skill level.
807 Parkview Road
Green Bay, WI  54304
Office: 920.619.3619
Taming the High Cost of Colleg.com podcats are produced Brad Baldridge, CFP®, who is a College Funding Consultant specializing in late stage college funding planning. He provides customized planning using the latest financial aid, tax, cash flow and academic strategies. With these strategies Brad may help a family save a significant amount of money on their college expenses and make a student’s college dream a reality.

Here are some benefits of college planning:

■Understand the process ahead of time so that you are proactive instead of reactive
■Reduce taxes by paying for college tax efficiently
■Save and invest for college properly
■Learn how to increase financial aid
■Find schools that are a better fit and better value
■Understand the impact your college plans can have on your retirement plan and other financial goals
Brad’s goal is to help a family save time, save money and reduce stress in the college planning process.

Brad lectures extensively conducting his workshop “Taming the High Cost of College” for groups and high schools. Over the years thousands have benefited from the unique insight and great strategies presented at his workshops. These workshops have included high schools, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, School Counselor Association, Education Association Council, Association of College Admission Counseling, Bar Associations, and various Community Park and Recreation Departments.
Taming the High Cost of College.com
10521 W. Layton Avenue
Suite 200
Greenfield, WI  53228
Office: 414.529.9400